Great success of Associazione coordinamento italbangla &sviluppo
    20 linking operators have successfully migrated to Italy

    Italbangla work agency is an internally recognized and regulated form of employment. The agency worker has an employment contract with the employment agency. they are then deployed to a user firm and work under the guidanece and supervision of the user company. this triangle employment relation improves allocation within the labor market. it allows workers to gain easy access to work and different work experience as well as to combine work with other life choices and responsibilities. we have processed more than 1000 people migration in Italy

    In this sequence, our twenty linking operators have moved to Italy on  09th 10th September. we are elated for this success. This association have kept a good sign for migration in Italy. our company keep a good sign for a successful outcome. our company is one of a renowned company in Bangladesh. Not only in Bangladesh but also in Italy we are processing all the procedure of migrant people .From applying to flying we did all the procedure. we are welcome to you all who are want to move to Italy. If you have work experience, vocational training, education certificate at least HSC or equivalent education and A1 Italian language proficiency. Then they have a great opportunity to migrant  easily to Italy. We will arrange a job in Italy with in a low cost. after migrant we also provide our services to our migrant client. our especial team work for our migrant client. so at the end we can say our mission and vision  is to developed our social economy by the migrant remittance.  

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    এন্ট্রি প্রবাহ, সরলীকরণ এবং নিষেধাজ্ঞা, ডিএল 20_2023 এর সমস্ত খবর

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    Success of Italbangla Association