• Door opening for Bangladeshis to enter the Italian labor market by learning language and gaining skills

    Staff Correspondent: The door has opened for Bangladeshis to enter the Italians labor market, an important country in Europe by learning the language and getting trained on specific jobs. The certificate distribution ceremony was held today for the gainers to receive training on the Italian language and suitable jobs in the labor market there. At Amulia Model Town, in Demra in the capital, Italbangla Greenland Training Center and Greenland Training Center organized an interview and certificate distribution ceremony for a group of youth after completing various job training and language courses. The function was attended as chief guest and Italian delicacies Founder of Pythagora Culture & Education, Pythagoras College (Pitagora Cultura & Formazione) Vincenzo Luigi Chirolli (Vincenzo LuigiChirolli). Special guest was Shah Mohammad Taifur Rahman, Executive Director of Bangladesh Expatriate Development Coordination Society and President of Ital-Bangla Coordination and Development Association. Certificate awarding ceremony was held for those completing the Italian language course (A-0). By learning languages ​​and training on specific tasks Principal of ItalBangla Language Institute Khafruddin Mahmud Chowdhury presided over the ceremony.

    100 people young Italian immigrants who have successfully completed Italian language courses and specific work training received a certificate from the Italian delegate. Chief guest and Italian delicacies Vincenzo Luigi Chirolli said that Italy currently has a shortage of 500,000 workers. Immigrants from different countries are entering Italy illegally. But they are unskilled in language and work and illegal intruders.Therefore, Italian language learning and training on jobs suitable for the labor market have created opportunities for young people to go to the Italian labor market. The matter has already been decided at the government level of Italy and Bangladesh. In the light of that decision, young people hoping to immigrate to Bangladesh are being tested and given certificates at the end of technical and language education training. Complete work permit and visa related activities soon. Young people who received the certificate will be able to directly join the work force in Italy. In the speech of the special guest, Shah Mohammad Taifur Rahman said that the main obstacle in improving the quality of life of Bangladeshi workers in Italy is linguistic inefficiency. We have developed an Italian language education training center in Bangladesh to improve its quality. A total of 10 places including Dhaka, Noria in Shariatpur, Gazipur, Bramanbaria now have training programs for learning Italian language in progress. It will be expanded in the country gradually. In future, the aspirants of Italy immigration can prepare themselves and go there. Bangladesh and Italy have agreed to control illegal immigration to Italy by learning the language and training on specific jobs. On June 7, the first political consultation meeting between Bangladesh and Italy was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in Rome, the capital of Italy.It was decided in that meeting that under the bilateral immigration system; Italy has agreed to take skilled workers from Bangladesh, especially in the construction, shipbuilding and tourism sectors. Bangladesh Foreign Secretary Masud Bin Momen and Italy’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Secretary General Riccardo Guariglia led their respective sides in the talks, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. Masud bin Momen and Guariglia signed a memorandum of understanding on political consultation between the foreign ministries of Bangladesh and Italy. The Italian side expressed satisfaction that currently more than 46 percent of workers are coming to Italy from Bangladesh for seasonal and non-seasonal work. In the meeting, the two countries discussed trade and investment, technical intervention in the textile sector of Bangladesh, defense. They expressed interest in deepening ties and engaging more in multiple areas including security, ICT, agriculture, migration and mobility.

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