Italbangla work Agency

    Food and Beverage Training 

    Italbangla is going to arrange food and beverage training for our students want to go to Italy. our class has been taken by an expert who has completed his degree from five star hotel in country and worked in different countries.

    3 months professional training in food and beverage.

    1.          specialized degree for food and beverage sector
    2.          Global opportunities through international placement assistance
    3.          extensive curriculum comparable with world top institutes.

    Italbangla Training center

    Italbangla language and Vocational Training Institute
    Mymansing Road NH villa, Dighirchala Gazipur Chourasta


    Purpose of the program:

    Italbangla training center is a unique center in Bangladesh which emphasizes on hand-on-training to make the students more skilled. This center’s aims to minimize the gap between theoretical knowledge to hands-on-training through available lab facilities to the students.
    why pursue this degree:
    In this chronology, we are going to open a new training section like food and beverage section.

        • Course Name                      Hour               Total
        • Food and beverage           4weeks         55,100
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